Pocket IT Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Pocket IT?

There are several things which set Pocket IT apart from the rest:

  • We come to you – no packing your computer up and lugging it to a repair shop.
  • We guarantee service the very same day, when our services are requested before 10am, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).
  • With our many years’ experience, Pocket IT technicians are among the best in the industry, ensuring the quickest solutions to your computer problems.
  • We’re on-call seven days a week – so no matter what day of the week, Pocket IT are at your service.
  • Plain English – Every technician knows what the important details and we speak plain English so we can explain what we’re doing and why.
  • Entirely Australian Owned – and proud of it!

I’m a home computer user, not a business. Is Pocket IT’s services still available to me?
Of course! From basic home setups to large enterprises and everything in between, we provide computer solutions for all homes and offices,

What kind of computer services does Pocket IT offer?
We provide expert, same day, onsite computer help, repairs and services. Our services cover a wide range of computer issues – just about any type of computer support our customers need. They include hardware and software repairs, system security solutions, wireless and wired networking, data backup and recovery solutions and virus/spyware prevention and removal, just to name a few. Whatever you need done, Pocket IT is here to help!

Is there a Pocket IT technician near me?
We offer our services for the greater Perth area. As we grow and expand, so will our service area.

Is it easy to book the services of a Pocket IT technician?
Easy as can be! Just call our service line on 08 6115 0800 and speak with one of our technicians directly, who will run you through our services and costs, collect the necessary information about the problem you’re experiencing and book an appointment time that’s convenient for you on the spot. Shortly after that, you will receive an automatic SMS direct to your mobile. For same day services, a technician will come to your house before close of business that day.
Alternatively, you may choose to book your own appointment at https://mypocketit.com/contacts/make-an-appointment/

Are your technicians able to explain the service in plain English?
Yes! Pocket IT will not confuse you with complex technical jargon; they can explain even the most complicated issues in simple, plain English.

When are appointments with your technicians available?
Your computer doesn’t always wait until the working week to stop working, that’s why we’re on-call seven days a week! That’s weekdays, weekends and evenings! Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm, and 10am – 4pm weekends, as well as most public holidays.

What forms of payment does Pocket IT accept?
For your convenience, we accept payment by cash or credit card. At the time of booking your appointment, we will confirm your preferred payment method with you. If it’s credit card, we can take your payment in person once the work has been completed with our Square Terminal (please note: we do not actually store your credit card details, they are encrypted to the most stringent standards and stored with our bank in line with Australian regulations). At the end of the service, we will also email you an invoice and receipt for your records. No fuss! Approved business clients can also apply for an account with credit terms.

What services do your fees cover?
Our service fees are entirely time-based and cover any technology you would like help with. We structure it like this so they are clear, transparent and easy to understand. It also means you can have your technician working on multiple computers and/or problems at once without getting hit additional charges for every little extra thing you may need help with. Pocket IT Technicians are amazing multi-taskers and can therefore often fix up multiple issues simultaneously. Please note that naturally, the service fees do not include hardware or software which we can offer at very competitive prices.

How much time will it take to resolve my computer issue?
It largely depends on what the nature of the issue is, however, the majority of our onsite services are completed within the first hour. If the service is going to take longer, your Pocket IT technician will normally be able to give an estimate and get your approval before proceeding further. Be assured that, where possible, your technician will always perform the services quickly, onsite, so you can be up and running again as soon as possible. If it is necessary for us to take your computer offsite to repair, you will be given a fixed quote for you to approve beforehand. No surprise bills or extra charges!

What can I expect of my technician?
You can expect a friendly experienced technician, easily identifiable with the classic blue and black Pocket IT polo, to be on time and introduce themselves upon their arrival. Clear communication is our number one priority, so you can expect us to keep you thoroughly informed as to what is going on from the moment he/she arrives onsite. Shortly after arriving, we will give you a diagnosis of the problem and an estimate of the time it will take to fix, as well as keep you updated throughout the service, so there are no surprises.

What makes Pocket IT technicians so special?
All Pocket IT technicians have many years of professional experience and/or possess industry certifications, providing advanced knowledge in all areas of computer repair and support. Every technician has the appropriate technical expertise, experience and, above all, a great personality.

How do I keep from losing my data?
Computers are complicated machines and data loss is therefore always an unfortunate possibility. This is the reason we are so crazy about all of our customers having appropriate backup solutions in place because it’s the only way to really protect yourself from data loss. We highly recommend that you always keep a backup of your critical files so you are never at risk, however, if necessary, we can also offer back-up services before we start any work onsite. In the event that you have already lost invaluable data through hardware failure or deleted files, your local Pocket IT technician can provide onsite and in-lab recovery solutions for individuals or companies requiring urgent response.

What kind of Service Guarantees do you offer?
At Pocket IT, we are fanatical about service. Our business has been built on this commitment. We guarantee our service on two levels:

  1. We guarantee our technical expertise – in the event that your technician is unable to fix or diagnose the problem because they do not have the technical expertise to do so, then there is no charge for the service. However, if they diagnose a faulty component which needs to be replaced and you choose not to proceed or decide to source the parts elsewhere, normal charges do apply.
  2. We stand behind our service. If you notify us of a problem with the services you were provided, and our diagnosis of the problem indicates that our services were not performed satisfactorily, we will work to provide a solution to your problem quickly and at no additional cost to you. Please contact us on 08 6115 0800 as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to rectify the issue free of charge. Naturally, if the issue you’re experiencing is unrelated to the service we provided, normal charges will apply.

Can I buy hardware or software from Pocket IT?
Of course you can! For your convenience, we offer a IT procurement services on our online store (www.pocketitshop.com.au). We have partnered with many of the leading IT distributors in Australia to provide the best possible prices. If the required part isn’t immediately available, we will organise it for you as soon as possible and make a return follow-up visit as part of the same service.

What if the repairs can’t be completed onsite?
Sometimes, like in the instance of extensive data recovery, our computer repair services cannot be completed onsite. In this event, your Technician will give you a fixed quote for the offsite repair of your computer as well as let you know when it will be returned. You will also be kept informed and up-to-date at all times on the progress of your repairs while it is offsite. We do ask you to sign a form, authorising the removal of your hardware to take offsite for repair.

What if I want to cancel a service with Pocket IT?
No problem! Please just call our customer service line 08 6115 0800 at least twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled appointment time and let us know! There is a late fee associated with cancelling a booking late notice.

Does Pocket IT offer maintenance contracts for ongoing support of business customers?
Yes, we offer subscription plans for both households and businesses. In these subscription services, you pay a set monthly amount and get IT support at a much lower hourly rate than normal, as well as an account with us for highly discounted IT products and software.

As well as offering discounts, we offer a free tune-up package, security audit and unlimited remote support, where we will be able to log into your computer remotely and be on the phone to you as we walk through any problem you might have.

Does Pocket IT offer training?
Absolutely! We are delighted to offer informal training no matter what your training needs. The Pocket IT technicians are experienced in training both individuals and groups on all facets of how to get the most out of their computer. We are more than happy to teach on the job, as a bonus to the service we provide. However, if you want to hire us for JUST training, our normal rate applies.